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Queen Elizabeth 2 - 2005
Canadian Crossing and Mediterranean Adventure - Overview

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Our cruise on the Queen Elizabeth 2 from Southampton took us across the Atlantic and down the Canadian Seaboard to the USA where we visited Boston, Newport and New York before recrossing the Atlantic to Southampton. We then stayed aboard for the following cruise took us on a fortnight loop through the Mediterranean with days in Vigo, Gibraltar, Naples, Athens, Zakinthos, Dubrovnik, Cagliari and Lisbon. The Canadian Atlantic Seaboard, which was completely new to us greatly impressed us and we intend to go back again. Gibraltar, Athens, Zakinthos, and Cagliari were new to us and Gibraltar in particular stood out. Athens and Dubrovnik are places one must visit at some point in ones life but unfortunately everybody else knows that so they are packed, as was Capri, which we visited from Naples.

Usually we book an inside cabin on QE2; we prefer to have longer and more frequent holidays in comparatively less luxury. For this trip we chose one of the larger inside cabins, on 5 Deck. Everyone on 5 Deck eats in the Mauretania restaurant. As Cunard World Club Platinum card holders we had priority at check-in and boarding. We also found a bottle of cold sparkling wine waiting to welcome us in the cabin - another good idea.

Using the same style as previous journeys, the write-up is in several parts with navigation bars at top and bottom of each page allowing you to move from page to page.

Firstly there is a comprehensive introduction to cruising on the QE2 writen by Peter - this may be skipped if you have read about our previous experiences. It has however been updated to include details and cameos of life on board from this journey. That is where you will find information and pictures of everything from Gala dinners to ice carving, and tug of wars to crossing the line. This is common to several years cruising so use the links at top and bottom to return to this cruise.

Secondly there are a number of sections based round the ports, listed in the order in which they were visited. They have been extracted from a daily log kept by Pauline and make comprehensive use of photographs we took - a picture is worth a thousand words. All the pictures on the pages provide details of where they were taken if you hover the cursor over them and they can all be clicked to open a larger version in a popup window. The popup windows are reused and then closed up when you leave the page so you do not need to close them. Our digital pictures (from 2004) are in two resolutions and the initial size depends on your screen size. You can chose the small size if you have a slow internet connection or want to restrict data flow on a mobile connection. Click here for high detail popup images and click here for lower resolution images. You can also toggle the resolution by double-clicking an image but it may take an extra click to display the picture in the new size on some browsers. With some systems you may be asked to if you wish to allow popup windows as a protection against adverts. More

We hope you will enjoy the write up and our pictures as much as we enjoyed the journey

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